The 4th International Gala for Mature Contemporary Dance Soloists
AUG. 4, Mexico City, Mexico

Company's Mission

Movement + Humanity = FUKUDANCE

I believe that every person has the innate wisdom to perceive their own connectedness and the expansive, multifaceted reality of their existence. The roots of suffering lie in the belief that we are disconnected and powerless cogs in society's machinery. As an artist, I feel it is my mission to inspire audiences and performers to awaken to their ability to sense, comprehend and embrace their greater, connected selves. I believe that dance holds a special place in inspiring the humanity of audiences. As we all have a body, there is an innate empathy towards the dance performer. As the dancer experiences their own awakening and movement catharsis, the audience will empathetically experience it too. I use the body's movement to explore specific facets of the wisdom of connectedness. FUKUDANCE is a collective group of artists with the integrities who believe in the mission. 


AUG. 31 & SEP. 1

Film Collaboration with Lori Schouela, Cambridge MA 

Recent Works

A World In-Betwen

A world in-between' interlaces between the physical world and the virtual world. The focus is a creative exploration of the application of Japanese animation techniques of Anime to contemporary choreography and sound art.



Dismel, a made-up word by a 20th-century psychologist Silvan Tomkins, is a work inspired by the 9/11 stories with the focus on a biological reaction when encountering the obnoxious smells that occurred in the event of 9/11.

Do You Hear Me?

Inspired by Beethoven's struggle after he became completely deaf.  Feeling sound from vibrations and metronomes.  


...the evening’s chief pleasure...Fukuda knew exactly what he was doing here: creating a work of easeful harmony...bringing to mind freedom and flight…in this altogether pleasing work. The real credit was due to Fukuda’s modest, tasteful proposal.   -March 8, 2014 by  Sarah Kaufman

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Fee support for FUKUDANCE may be available to nonprofit organizations through the New England States Touring (NEST) program of the New England Foundation for the Arts. Visit for more information.